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VO2-BOOST® is a powerful endurance enhancer clinically proven to dramatically improve athletic performance.

Clinical Studies

Increases Endurance and Improves Performance
Increases VO2 max and Running Economy
 Live High, Train Low Effects
 Increases Oxygen Uptake and Utilization
 Enhances Aerobic Capacity
 Reduces Lactic Acid, Increases Lactate Threshold
 Delays Muscle Fatigue
 Boosts Strength and Power
 Natural Blood Builder, Increases EPO production
 Promotes Red Blood Cell Production
 Increases Lung Function
 Increases Aerobic Threshold


 VO2 Boost

Six Endurance Enhancers

Rhodiola black_bullet Cordyceps black_bullet Quercetin

Catechins black_bullet Beta Alanine black_bullet Echinacea

Boost your VO2 max and Running Economy to Get that Winning Edge!


VO2-BOOST® has to be the most exciting news to hit endurance training market in many years. Using a unique, patent pending formula exclusive to Biomedical Research Laboratories, LLC., this amazing product is guaranteed to increase your endurance in as little as one month.

VO2-BOOST® is currently used by elite athletes for its dramatic effects on endurance, VO2 max, and oxygen delivery. IT WORKS!!!

*VO2-Boost® does not contain Epogen®, Erythropoietin, EPO or any banned substances by 2011 WADA Prohibited List