Individual Sponsorship

Biomedical Research Laboratories offers a limited number of sponsorship’s to individuals and teams. We are committed to supporting exceptional athletes at all levels through sponsorship opportunities.

To apply for a sponsorship position you must first purchase and use our product for one month. During that time you should maintain notes on the impact of VO2-BOOST on your endurance and performance. We then require a picture and testimonial for use in promotional materials and websites.

Use discount code: sponsorship

Gold EPOBOOST Sponsorship Gold SponsorshipTo be considered you must be a professional and world-class athlete.

You will receive:

1 FREE Year of VO2-BOOST ($779)

1 FREE Year of EnduraFuel ($719)

Total Value $1498


Silver EPO-BOOST Sponsorship Silver Sponsorship

To be considered you must be working towards professional status

You will receive:

1 FREE Year of VO2-BOOST ($719)

Total Value $719

Bronze EPO BOOST Sponsorship Bronze Sponsorship

To be considered you must be a serious athlete who is dedicated to improving your athletic performance.

50% off 1 Year Supply of VO2-BOOST ($719)

Total Value $360



The official rules are subject to change at any time and without notice.

  • Athletes applying for sponsorship must be 18 years or older.
  • BRL has the right to cancel the sponsorship program at any time.
  • BRL may use the information submitted on the Athlete’s sponsorship application.
  • BRL may remove any athlete testing positive for banned substances from the sponsorship program.
  • BRL has the right to remove an athlete at any time from the sponsorship, with or without cause, at any time.
  • BRL may use the submitted testimonials, pictures and information on the sponsorship application on websites and printed materials.


Please use the BRL Sponsorship Proposal Form below to ensure your proposal contains all the information needed for consideration. Other forms will not be accepted.


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Your best 3 results last year - Please be clear on which category your race results reflect (i.e.age-group, Pro, over-all, Cat 2, masters, etc (required)

Proposed Race Schedule? (required)

What do you want from BRL(be specific)? (required)

What will you provide in return (logo on jersey, bike etc…) (required)

Other Comments

BRL may use the submitted testimonials, pictures and information on the sponsorship application. In consideration of the terms outlined below, and any other good and valuable considerations, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, I, being of legal age, hereby give Biomedical Research, successors, legal representatives, and assigns the absolute and irrevocable right and permission to use my video, audio, print and text (written statements) files and to reproduce, edit, exhibit, project, display, copyright, publish in which I may be included in whole or in part for perpetuity.

The files will be used in all forms and media, including national/local television, radio, internet, presentations, promotions for advertising, trade, and/or any other lawful purpose whatsoever.

I hereby waive any right that I may have to inspect and/or approve the finished product or products that may be used in connection therewith and any right that I may have to control the use to which said product, products may be applied. I also understand that Biomedical Research is not obligated to broadcast or distribute my appearance or performance, and that any use that Biomedical Research may make of my appearance or performance is at its sole discretion.

I hereby release Biomedical Research Laboratories from liability for violation of any personal or proprietary right that I may have in conjunction with said audio, print, and video and with the use thereof.