Effects of VO2 max and Running Ecomomy

Effects of VO2 max (Aerobic Capacity) and Running Ecomomy on Endurance

VO2 max (Aerobic Capacity)

The maximum amount of oxygen a body can use during rigorous exercise is maximal oxygen uptake or VO2 max. It is a measure of a person’s aerobic capacity, and is considered the best measurement available to determine physical fitness.

While there is not room in this short article to describe VO2 max in detail, suffice it to say that the higher the level at which VO2 max is reached, the greater the level of cardiovascular fitness and physical endurance of the body . 

Running Economy

Running economy is also a major factor in endurance races. It refers to how much oxygen you use during physical exertion while not running at VO2 max. Endurance racers simply cannot perform at VO2 max for the duration of the race.

They must run at less than VO2 max in order to remain competitive through the end of the race. In sports like baseball, there may be short bursts of maximum speed, such as when a base runner is moving from one base to the next, or when a fielder chases down a pop fly. 

However, those athletes recover the oxygen supply in their bodies easily because they are able to rest between their short sprints. Triathlon competitors have no such luxury. The elite athletes in the triathlon must keep their VO2 max high so they retain a competitive edge.

While there is no substitute for training and exercise for developing physical capabilities and conditioning, there is a performance booster and EPO stimulator available to help most anyone increase their personal VO2 max, running economy and physical endurance.

Certain factors including age, chronic illness and disease, lack of exercise can contribute to a reduction in VO2 max, because the body needs regular exercise to retain a high efficiency level when it comes to utilizing oxygen. Even small amounts of physical activity every day can help people get and stay fit.

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