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“I have been using VO2-BOOST and ENDURAFUEL for 8 weeks now. I am amazed at the performance increase I have experienced. It is a very nice feeling to be racing with your competitors and feel like you can do what YOU want to do in the race and not just react to what is happening. I recently placed 6th in a large Pro 1-2 race and genuinely feel that your product has had a major role in my success. As a new cat 2 racer this year I feel that your products are helping me achieve my goals. I would definitely recommend this product to my teammates but hope my competitors continue to use other inferior products on the market.”      

  Bob Cummings, Cat 2 Cyclist

Increases Endurance and Improves Performance
Increases VO2 max and Running Economy
 Live High, Train Low Effects
 Increases Oxygen Uptake and Utilization
 Enhances Aerobic Capacity
 Reduces Lactic Acid, Increases Lactate Threshold
 Delays Muscle Fatigue
 Boosts Strength and Power
 Natural Blood Builder, Increases EPO production
 Promotes Red Blood Cell Production
 Increases Lung Function
 Increases Aerobic Threshold

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VO2 Max and Cycling Endurance

Quite often, through no fault of your own, your body simply is not utilizing the oxygen you breathe as well as it could. It has been shown that some bodies have a higher maximal oxygen intake than others. Maximal oxygen intake is also known as VO2 max. Generally, men have higher VO2 max than women, young people have a superior VO2 max to older people, and trained athletes have a much higher VO2 max than non-athletes. Those with the highest VO2 max of all are world-class endurance athletes, including cyclists.

VO2 Max Studies

Studies of VO2 max have shown that elite cycling athletes do not always have as much strength as others. What they do have however, is exceptional endurance. Some athletes can compete over short distances, but without endurance, their lungs and bodies tire easily. Endurance increases with proper training, coaching techniques and diet, but another factor inhibits performance. It is called running economy. Running economy refers to a person’s ability to vie competitively at a level lower than maximal oxygen intake.

Consider two people with similar body strength cycling side by side for several kilometers. If one of the competitors is pumping along at VO2 max, and the other is moving at less than VO2 max, the one working at less than maximal oxygen intake will be more rested throughout the race than the second competitor. Thus, the athlete who is able to compete at less than VO2 max will have more energy to expend as the two competitors approach the finish line.

Is there anything else you can do to give yourself a competitive edge?

Yes, it’s a new cycling supplement called VO2-BOOST®. It’s a blood booster and performance enhancer that improves VO2 max and running economy to increase endurance, strength and speed in cyclists.

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*VO2-BoostTM does not contain Epogen®, Erythropoietin, EPO or any banned substances by 2011 WADA Prohibited List