About Us

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality scientifically-engineered natural products to help endurance athletes reach their peak performance through science and nutrition. Our hope is that with our products you will be able to train and excel at the sport that you love.

We strive to provide athletes access to formulas that are developed to maximize their performance and endurance at any level of competition. We have uncompromising high standards and only use the highest quality ingredients. We use the latest technology and make sure that your product reaches you fresh and protected from the elements (heat, air, moisture) using the best packaging materials in the industry.

Who is Biomedical Research Laboratories?
Biomedical Research Laboratories, the leading developer and distributor of bioactive and pharmaceutical-grade endurance enhancing products. Our products are scientifically engineered to improve performance and endurance in athletes.
Biomedical Research Laboratories support and development staff include researchers and PhD organic chemists. Our manufacturing facilities are fully compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Quality control and testing procedures ensure the absolute purity, potency and freshness of every bottle.