Enhance Your Performance and Endurance with the World’s First Legal, Safe and All Natural VO2 max Booster

VO2-BOOST® is a Powerful Endurance Supplement Clinically Shown to Dramatically Improve Athletic Performance. 


Rhodiola black_bullet Cordyceps black_bullet Quercetin  

Catechins black_bullet Beta Alanine black_bullet Echinacea

Increases Endurance and Improves Performance*
Increases VO2 max and Running Economy*
 Live High, Train Low Effects*
 Increases Oxygen Uptake and Utilization*
 Enhances Aerobic Capacity*
 Reduces Lactic Acid, Increases Lactate Threshold*
 Delays Muscle Fatigue*
 Boosts Strength and Power*
 Natural Blood Builder, Increases EPO production*
 Promotes Red Blood Cell Production*
 Increases Lung Function*
 Increases Aerobic Threshold*


Todd Parker“I recently completed the Pennsylvania Crossing Ride, which totaled 400 miles and 31,000+ feet of climbing, completed in just about 27 hours. I chose to make this a new charity ride (PA Ride for Kids), raising money for children needing facial reconstructive surgery, which 100% goes directly into The Beyond Face Fund. This ride was extremely physically and mentally challenging; an event that ended up being historical, and pushed me to the limits of my abilities. In nearly 24 hours we rode and climbed similarly comparable to 3 days of the Tour de France. I also used VO2Boost for the 2 months leading up to the ride. Besides water, I exclusively used EnduraFuel to help maintain my hydration, blood sugar, muscular endurance, focus, amino acids, and electrolytes. Unequivocally, EnduraFuel and VO2Boost played a critical role in the success of this monumental event, and I am extremely thankful that your products work.”* Todd Parker, Former Pro Triathlete, Exercise Physiologist, Endurance Sports Coach, Strength Coach, Personal Trainer http://www.toddparkertrainingprograms.com/


Jason“I have now been on the VO2 boost for about 3 weeks and in a Half Ironman Triathlon and I finished 19th Overall which included a Pro field! I also smashed my Half Marathon PB running off the bike by over 4 minutes! The gains I have made since using your products have been outstanding.”* Jason Walkley, UK

Update 9/28 – “I have set a new PB over my half marathon distance by over 2 minutes. I just rode in the Tour of Britain Pro Cycling Stage 2 and finished 37th overall out of approximately 800 riders, covering 100 miles. I broke away from the peleton (pack) to finish 15 mins ahead! VO2-BOOST has continued to work wonders with my training giving me that edge when I need it.”*


 I’ve tried your VO2Boost supplement for about 3 months now and I definitely noticed a significant performance enhancement after about 4 weeks. My aerobic power was higher and I was able to recover from VO2 Max efforts much more quickly. I credit VO2Boost for getting me on the podium of the CO Cyclocross Cup (second place in the SS cat!). I did notice that the effect ‘plateaued’ after 8-9 weeks – this was expected as the research doesn’t support continuous gains from these ergogenic ingredients. I stopped for a few weeks and then restarted my daily supplementation and it has started once again to push my performance in the right direction!”* Matt Perry, cyclist, ultrarunner   http://viedevelo.wordpress.com

VO2 BOOST® is the endurance athlete’s answer to peak performance and endurance.

  • VO2 BOOST® is designed to significantly increase strength, speed and power, and enhance recovery.* These increases in performance and endurance are mediated by enhancing maximal oxygen uptake capacity (VO2 max), delaying fatigue, and preventing muscle damage during intense exercise.*
  • VO2 BOOST® reduces lactic acid in the blood and increases lactate threshold. It delays muscle fatigue.* VO2 BOOST is a natural blood builder that increases EPO production and promotes red blood cell production.*
  • Active components in the patent-pending Endurance Complex in VO2 Boost have been shown in clinical studies to significantly increase VO2 max and running economy resulting in improved athletic performance.

Ingredients include VO2 max enhancers including rhodiola rosea, echinacea purpurea, cordyceps sinesis, quercetin, beta-alanine and catechins. Also included are red blood cell boosters, iron supplementation, and antioxidants including Alpha-Lipoic Acid and Vitamin C.

VO2 Boost Guarantee

See the clincal studies about active ingredients in VO2 BOOST

Used by elite athletes around the world, VO2-BOOST® represents the next-generation in sports supplements.


“I have been using VO2-BOOST and ENDURAFUEL for 8 weeks now. I am amazed at the performance increase I have experienced. It is a very nice feeling to be racing with your competitors and feel like you can do what YOU want to do in the race and not just react to what is happening. I recently placed 6th in a large Pro 1-2 race and genuinely feel that your product has had a major role in my success. As a new cat 2 racer this year I feel that your products are helping me achieve my goals. I would definitely recommend this product to my teammates but hope my competitors continue to use other inferior products on the market.”*  Bob Cummings, Cat 2 Cyclist, Kansas

It’s time you discovered the new secret of endurance athletes for yourself…

Biomedical Research Laboratories(BRL) utilize the latest clinical research to produce the highest quality nutritional supplements for cyclists, runners, triathletes and other endurance athletes wanting to improve their performance and endurance to gain that competitive edge.*

BRL products contain NO ingredients which are explicitly listed under the banned substance list, and none of the ingredients are related chemically or pharmacologically.

Boost your VO2 max and Running Economy to Get that Competitive Edge, Now!

*VO2-Boost® does not contain Epogen®, Erythropoietin, EPO or any banned substances by 2011 WADA Prohibited List

*Individuals Results May Vary